Scandu is a prompting and monitoring app intended to help young adults with autism and attention disorders achieve more independence with the help the of their caregivers.

Unique features

There are many reminder / alarm apps. Scandu is a time management app that can ensure that a set of tasks is complete before a deadline. Scandu is geared toward users that are “prompt dependent” and/or easily distracted due to autism or attention disorders, and require a higher degree of interaction than a typical alarm or reminder app will provide. Scandu can verify that tasks were completed by requiring the user to scan an NFC tag or QR code.

Some tasks, such as taking medicine on time or consistent hygiene are critical

There are many location tracking apps. Many apps can notify you when someone arrives at a location. Scandu can alert you when a user does not leave a location on time.

Scandu allows caregivers to receive notifications if a user is running late (completing tasks or changing locations)


When you first open the App, an account is automatically created for your iOS device. No login is required. A series of screens will step you through setting up your first routine.

User Selector

At the top of the screen is a selector that shows the name of the selected user. You can tap on it to switch users, edit your name, invite a new user or unfriend a user.

Today Tab

a day-at-a-glance style “Dashboard”

Schedule Tab

a week-at-a-glance style scheduler

Tap the "+ Create New Routine" Button to open the Deadline Editor

Tap "Follow" to get notifications for the person selected in the User Selector.

Routine Editor

Task Editor

Create Tag/QR

* - Android scans tags automatically when the phone is unlocked. iPhone XS, 11 or higher can scan from the lock screen. iPhone 7 or higher can scan tags from the app. iPhone 5S or higher support QR codes.

Task List

Location List

Location Editor